Organized Packing And Storage Methods

Organize the manner in which you pack items that will be placed in self-storage. Use a diagram to guide you in filling your rental storage unit.

Use A Limited Number Of Box Sizes

Acquire the dimensions of the self-storage unit that you rent. Purchase a couple of different-sized boxes to pack the items that you will be storing. Sticking to a minimal number of box sizes will allow you to create uniform stacks of boxes that won't be likely to topple over. 

Smaller boxes can be used to store fragile items, collectibles, and books. Larger boxes can be used to store clothing, tools, and other items that will take up a considerable amount of space. Designate one box for each group of items. Use insulating layers to fill up voids in each box.

Affix Labels

Assess the items and determine how fragile they are. If you will be placing valuables within the storage unit, invest in some 'handle with care' labels or 'fragile' labels. Securing the labels on each box that contains delicate items will remind you to be cautious when loading the boxes into your vehicle or placing them inside your storage unit.

Use Moisture Barrier Strategies

Protect your possessions from moisture. If you have secured a climate-controlled storage unit that contains a weatherproof entryway you won't need to be too concerned about your items becoming damaged. If you chose to rent a basic storage unit, however, the use of moisture barriers will prevent mildew or water damage from destroying your possessions.

Set up some pallets within your storage space. Pallets will protect the bottom of each corrugated carton. If you were to place the boxes directly on the floor, humidity could damage the cartons. The use of pallets will keep corrugated boxes dry. It will also prevent ants or other small insects from entering the boxes. 

Stack Responsibly

The use of a diagram that outlines where stacks of boxes will be placed while they are in storage will help you fill your self-storage unit in an organized fashion. Prepare a diagram that highlights which boxes will be stacked together.

Plan on creating stacks that are reasonably tall, but not too tall that the stacks could topple over. Designate your heaviest boxes as the ones that will be placed on the bottom of the stacks. Choose one section of the rental unit to store your valuable or fragile items. 

Reach out to a self-storage facility in your area to learn more.

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