Why Should You Rent A Climate Controlled Unit When Downsizing Your Office?

Are you downsizing your office to adopt a hybrid work model? Moving to a smaller office space saves money and allows your employees to embrace remote working. However, you must find storage for unused office furniture, documents, files, computers, and furnishings. A climate-controlled storage unit is the perfect storage solution for your office items. Regardless of seasonal changes, the unit maintains consistent temperatures all year. Although a climate-controlled unit costs more than a standard unit, it can benefit you in the ways outlined below. 

Protects Valuables From Temperature Fluctuations

Your garage may be the most practical choice for storing office items. Unfortunately, most garages are prone to temperature fluctuations due to the lack of insulation. Sensitive items like wooden furniture can warp, split, or crack when exposed to fluctuating temperatures. The contrast of harsh winters and hot summers can dry out leather upholstery, causing it to crack and age.

You should store temperature-sensitive furniture and upholstery in a climate-controlled unit. These units have air conditioning and heating systems to maintain ambient temperatures. The temperature remains consistent throughout the year, thereby protecting the items from physical deterioration.

Prevents Moisture Damage

Uncontrolled storage spaces are prone to high humidity, especially during the summer. High humidity in the air can ruin furniture, documents, art, and office appliances. Humidity causes wooden furniture to expand and warp. It also causes the ink on documents to fade. Metal furniture, appliances, and antiques can rust when exposed to high humidity. If you store these items in your home, you may unknowingly expose them to damage. 

Therefore, rent a storage unit with humidifiers for humidity control. Humidifiers remove excess moisture from the air and protect stored items from mold and mildew. Thus, you won't have to worry about sensitive documents getting ruined by moisture. Furthermore, you won't need to air out the storage unit regularly to maintain optimal humidity.

Protects Furniture and Documents From Pest Damage

Storing your office items in the garage or attic may expose them to pest damage. Rodents can chew on the documents and damage them. They can also nest in your office furniture or upholstery and ruin it with urine and droppings. Unfortunately, you may not even know that you have pests on your property. Thus, protect your valuables by storing them in a climate-controlled unit. These units are sealed and insulated to keep out pests. Also, the absence of food sources in the units discourages pest infestations.

As you rent a climate-controlled unit, consider whether you need to access it regularly. If you do, find a storage unit near you to allow for quick access to office paperwork. To learn more, contact a storage facility in your area such as Continental Self Storage.

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