The Top 3 Benefits Of Using Conex Boxes For Your Storage Needs

Conex boxes, or shipping containers as they are commonly called, are a wonderful solution to all of your storage needs. This is because conex boxes offer many impressive benefits when compared to more traditional storage options like self-storage units. Below you can learn more about three of these benefits so that you can better understand why conex boxes are such a great storage option.

Benefit 1: Conex Boxes Can Be Stored On Your Own Property

One of the biggest disadvantages to self-storage units is that they require you to travel to a storage facility in order to access the items inside your storage unit. This can make accessing items on a regular basis both inconvenient and time-consuming. The fact that these storage units are located in a secondary location also means that you will have very little control over the security of your unit. Both of these issues can be eliminated by choosing to use conex boxes for your storage needs. This is because, unlike a traditional storage unit, conex boxes can be stored right on your own property. 

Benefit 2: Conex Boxes Make Transporting Your Stored Items Much Easier

Whether you are simply removing a few items from your storage unit or transporting all of the contents of this unit to a new location, transporting your stored items can prove labor intensive. This is because you will first need to remove the item or items from the unit, lift these items into a moving truck, and finally unload these items and put them in their new location. With the use of a conex box, you will be able to have your entire storage container transported to a new location without the need to ever remove the items inside. This can make it much easier to relocate all of your stored items. 

Benefit 3: Conex Boxes Can Be Stacked To Allow More Storage In A Small Space

If you require a large amount of storage space, you may need to rent multiple self-storage units in order to get all of the space that you need. With conex boxes, you can easily increase the amount of space you need by simply stacking a second container on top of the first. Best of all, the ability to stack these containers will allow you to obtain more storage space without taking up additional space on your property. This can be especially beneficial if you have a small amount of available space to dedicate to storage. 

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