Tips To Help You Plan And Best Utilize Your Upcoming Storage Unit Rental

A self-storage unit is an invaluable option to help you manage your possessions and furnishings. Whether you are in the process of a move or removing clutter from your home to stage your house for an upcoming sale, a storage unit rental can afford you all the extra space you need. Here are some recommendations for your upcoming storage space rental experience.

Plan Ahead

When you need a storage unit, be sure you plan ahead with enough time so you can have a successful process. Plan out your storage unit rental so that you can shop around for the right storage unit. Check out the sizes of storage units available, and calculate the size you will need to fit all your belongings. The storage unit consultant can provide you some expertise and recommendations for the size you need.

Look at the pricing of storage units in your area and find one that can fit your budget without sacrificing the security and safety of your items while they are in storage. A good storage unit will provide security cameras, a gated entrance, and someone on-site to monitor activities going on.

Find a storage unit that is within close proximity to your home or work, so you do not have to drive too much to get to and from your unit. You might find that you need to visit the unit regularly to put items into and retrieve items out of the storage space. When you give yourself time to look for all these different factors with your storage space, you won't be scrambling at the last minute or end up paying too much for extra space you won't need.

Store Only Accepted Items

Be sure you follow some basic regulations when you are placing items into your storage unit. There are some items that are not allowed and can cause damage if they are stored in the unit. Talk to your storage space rental agent about what is allowed. In the meantime, be sure you don't store anything flammable or toxic, such as acetone, paint thinner, bleach, ammonia, or gasoline, even if it is inside your lawnmower. If you need to store any fuel-powered tools, drain the fluids from them first. Also don't store any explosives, such as fireworks, ammunition, or even firearms in the unit. 

If you have perishable and food items that won't keep in extreme heat or cold, keep them stored elsewhere. This includes canned food items and packaged foods, such as crackers and peanut butter. There potential for pests getting into your food and destroying them and also your other stored items.

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