Store These Three Items In A Climate-Controlled Storage Facility

As you accumulate belongings, you may find they no longer fit neatly into your house. When this happens, many renters and homeowners turn to self-storage. A self-storage unit gives you a safe place to store your possessions. Some self-storage companies offer additional features, such as climate control. Many things will benefit from being stored in a climate-controlled space. Here are three items people commonly place in their climate-controlled storage units.

1. Alcoholic Beverages

Many spirits get better with age as long as they're stored properly. Alcoholic beverages are best stored at low temperatures to avoid spoilage. Hot summers can ruin a perfectly good bottle of wine. Even beer and hard liquors are susceptible to the negative influence of excess heat. A climate-controlled storage unit is kept at a cool temperature that will keep your alcoholic beverages safe. Walk-in self-storage units are large enough to accommodate a wine rack, so you can keep your bottles of wine tilted to prevent cork shrinkage.

2. Electronics

Electronic devices are great for entertainment and productivity. DVD players, game consoles, and computers all fall under this category. Many electronics are expensive items that would be difficult to replace. A climate-controlled storage unit is a safe place for these costly items. Many storage facilities employ security guards to protect patrons' storage units, so you know your electronics will be safe from thieves. Climate-controlled storage will also protect your electronics from humidity and heat. Keep your devices in a climate-controlled storage unit so you know they will still work the next time you need them.

3. Furniture

There are many reasons a person may need to store furniture. Furniture is often put into storage when a person moves to a new home, either temporarily or as a more long-term solution. Some people also store family heirloom furniture that they'd like to keep for the future. Furniture is susceptible to environmental damage. High ambient temperatures can melt wood glue, weakening a piece of furniture. Humidity can also cause damage. Wooden furniture may mold or warp when exposed to humid air for a prolonged period of time. Keep your furniture safe by storing it in a climate-controlled environment.

Climate-controlled storage facilities offer storage solutions for your most valuable items. Keep heirlooms, electronics, and spirits safe from harm. When you rent a self-storage unit, you'll have the freedom to access your unit whenever you want. Store and retrieve as many items as you need at any given time.

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