A Gift Every Mother Needs – A Reliable Car

Your wife has been driving that unreliable vehicle for the past 5 years. Each time she gets in and buckles the kids in, she says a little prayer hoping that she'll make it from home to wherever it is that she's taking the little ones. Well, it's time to change that – Christmas is coming and there are some really great deals on used and new cars right now. At the end of the year, auto sales increase because dealerships want to make room for more inventory – here, you'll find a few tips to help you surprise your wife with a more reliable car this Christmas.

Find a Stash Spot

You will need a place to stash the car until Christmas – somewhere that she'll never, ever think to look. One such place could be a vehicle storage facility. Rather than buying the car and giving it to her weeks ahead of Christmas, you can make it a Christmas morning miracle if you hide it well enough.

When you put the vehicle in storage, you'll need to make sure that rodents and insects don't try to make it a home for the winter. One easy way to do this without filling the car with the odor of mothballs is to get a few bars of Irish Spring soap and place them throughout the car. The smell of the soap will keep the insects and rodents out, but it won't leave an awful smell behind in the process.

Arrange Christmas Morning Delivery

You have to find a way to get the car from the storage facility to your home without your wife finding out about it. You want her to open the front door and be as surprised as possible – so find someone who doesn't have a family or who would be able to slip out during the night on Christmas Eve – they can pick the car up from the storage facility, drive it to your house, place a big bow on top and head home for their own Christmas fun.

Tip: Add a few gifts for the kids in the car – this can be an extra bonus for them.

There are few things more nerve-wracking as a mother with young kids in the car than not knowing if it'll make it to the destination. This will help her, help the family, and keep everyone safe in the process.

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