3 Tips For Organizing Your Stuff In A Self-Storage Unit

If you are putting most of your household possessions in storage during a temporary move to a smaller place, you may find that you have to visit the unit from time to time to retrieve something you need. If so, use the tips below to organize your stuff so you can find what you need later on.

]\\Leave An Aisle Down The Center Of The Unit

Before you start putting furniture and boxes in the unit, plan out how you are going to position everything so you have an aisle down the center of the unit. Doing this keeps you from having to climb over boxes, bags, and chairs to reach something you need that's all the way in the back.

While planning the space for the aisle, measure a path that is large enough for you to walk through and see everything without having to contort your body. This will come in handy for the next two tips.

Position Furniture With Drawers Around Your Walkway

Especially if your unit has limited space, you want to take advantage of any furniture with empty drawers. These can be used for important papers you may need to access quickly or smaller items like extra personal care products that you may not have immediate room for where you are staying.

Along the walkway, place the drawers towards the center. Then, write on a piece of paper what is in each drawer, and hang it on the outside. Try not to overstuff the drawers or make them so heavy that when you pull them out in a cramped area, they fall and possibly land on your foot.

Once your furniture is in place, you can stack boxes on top of them after preparing them in the way discussed next.

Label Boxes With The Contents

If you have not already done so while packing, use a marker and label the contents of each box on one side. Then, when you are stacking them in the unit around your aisle. This way, you can see what's inside at a glance.

When organizing the boxes, try to group them by room. This makes it easier if you need your plates so you don't have to dig through comforters and clothes to get to them.

Using the above tips can help you organize your storage unit better. However, if you have any further questions or need additional tips for specific items, you may want to speak with the representative at the self-storage facility. Contact a business for additional info.

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