Preparing Your Vehicle for Long-Term Storage

If you intend on moving to another area of the country for an extended time period, and you have a classic car that you are going to leave behind until you return in the future, you are most likely concerned about its safekeeping in your absence. There are several steps you can take to ensure your vehicle remains free of damage and the possibility of theft while you are away. Here are some tips you can take to ensure your treasured vehicle is safe when being stored for a long time.

Check All Fluids Before Your Move

It is a good idea to top off the fluids in your vehicle before you leave. This will ensure mechanisms in your vehicle remain lubricated so the vehicle will run properly upon your return. The gas tank should be treated with an additive to keep water from accumulating inside of this enclosure. Water can alter the reliability of the gas, leading to a variety of mishaps if you try driving the vehicle while it is present. Bring your vehicle to a mechanic for a check-up and top off of fluids in the weeks before you store your vehicle if possible.

Make Sure The Location Is Secure

It is important to store your vehicle in a clean, dry place. A garage or storage unit made especially for the containment of vehicles is best. Make sure there the temperature in this enclosure does not get too hot or cold to ensure the vehicle's body remains in a pristine condition. It is also best to place the vehicle in an area where it can be locked inside so people do not tamper with it while you are not in the vicinity. An auto storage unit will give you a key or pass code to gain entry to the space when needed. Security measures will also be in place, making it a favorable area to hold a vehicle when you are unable to check on it yourself.

Keep Your Vehicle Covered For The Best Protection

Even when your vehicle is inside of a garage or storage unit, it will be prone to dust accumulation. Since this can alter your vehicle's appearance, it is best to use a cover to help in keeping dirt away from the vehicle's body. Purchase an auto tarp made especially for your vehicle's specific make and model and secure it in place after you place your vehicle in storage.

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