Transforming Your Self-Storage Unit Into A Yoga Studio

If you love yoga but you want a private space to exercise and meditate, a self-storage unit might be the best option for you. This gives you a chance to get away from the hectic pace of life with a busy family and gives you a space to use as your own personal retreat. Here are a few ideas to ensure your self-storage yoga space is as comfortable as possible.

Climate Control

A heated self-storage unit can make it more comfortable to work on your favorite moves and poses. As you look for a self-storage unit, ask about heated options and what temperature the units are kept at. This will ensure you can do yoga at the optimum temperature. You may also want to ask if the units are air conditioned in the summer months, and if not, consider adding a few large fans to the room to help you stay cool.

Rubber Floor Tiles

You'll likely use a yoga mat whenever you are in the unit, but you may want to consider softening the floor a bit with rubber floor tiles. You can purchase interlocking tiles that can be placed on top of the storage unit's existing flooring. This temporary option won't require you to make any permanent changes to the room, and it provides an extra layer of cushion to keep you more comfortable. You can choose from an array of different colors to create a calming look for your yoga studio.


While you won't likely be able to install permanent mirrors on the walls of your unit, you can still add mirrors to your space. Look for free-standing long mirrors, which rest on the ground like an easel. These can be placed along one wall of the studio so you can watch as you perfect your poses. You can also find tri-fold mirrors, like the ones used in dressing rooms, which can help you to see your poses from different angles.

Yoga Supplies

In addition to setting up your yoga studio, you'll want to allow for storage space to organize your yoga supplies. Consider adding a small bookshelf to keep your mats and other supplies, and add a small garment rack to organize your yoga clothing. By keeping your clothing in your studio, you don't have to wear your workout gear to and from the storage facility. Additionally, you may want to add a small mini refrigerator to hold snacks and water bottles so you can replenish your energy and hydrate after each session.

Be sure to talk to the storage facility to let them know what you will be using the studio for, as some may have rules about occupancy within the units. Once you are sure your lease will cover the use of the space as a yoga studio, you can begin to set up your private sanctuary.

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