Seasonal Tips For Self Storage Units

Your self storage unit can have different maintenance needs depending on the season. Here are some tips for keeping your items safe in every season.


With the warmer weather coming, you'll want to be looking at pest control options for your storage unit. Hopefully, you can secure a storage facility that does their own pest control between units. For one, they can spray for pests or set traps within the facility. And if one unit has a report of pests, they should do a more thorough cleaning and inspection in other units as well. But if your storage facility skips some of these steps, you can always take pest control into your own hands and spray and pest-proof your unit during the spring.


Summer's temperatures can be hard on flammable items and chemicals. It's best if you simply don't keep these items in your unit if they will be exposed to extreme temperatures. You may also want to see what options for climate controlled storage units are available at your storage facility.


Fall is the time to think about preparing your items for cold temperatures. Fragile items that include glass parts may need to be wrapped and insulated, since freezing temperatures may cause them to crack. Think about storing these vulnerable items somewhere else whenever possible.


Occasionally in winter, you might need to check to see if any ice has gotten under your storage unit's door. If it turns to slush, it could damage boxes. You may also want to buy a back of rock salt if your storage unit is outdoors, so that it's there in case the area in front of your unit is slick. There is the possibility that the door could freeze shut, as well; ask your storage facility what tools they have for prying open stuck doors without damaging them if this happens.  

These are a few of the preparation steps that you can do to protect your storage unit items. Of course, many of these are taken care of if you are in a climate controlled storage units that are indoors; it's much the same climate all year round. Even having an indoor unit that's not necessarily climate guaranteed can alleviate some of the problems with more extreme temperatures. But when affordability is your main concern, the tips above can help you to safely maintain any storage unit in all seasons. Click here for additional reading.

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