Preparing For Winter: Cleaning Up And Storing Equipment For Winter Safety

With the cold weather coming, it's necessary to get the yard cleaned up and equipment safely stored away. To keep your power equipment in good working order, you have to make sure it isn't going to be affected by cold, wind, snow, and ice. With cleaning, covering, and finding the right place to store your items, getting prepared will allow you to maintain your power equipment and extend the life of this equipment. The better care you take of your tools, the longer they are going to last.

Get Your Power Equipment Ready for Winter

Start by giving all of your power equipment a good cleaning. Get rid of old grass, rinse off any dirt, and make sure there isn't any oil residue on your power equipment. When you want to make your power equipment last longer, cleaning the equipment before putting it into storage is essential.

Prepare Your Equipment for the Spring

Instead of waiting to change the oil on your equipment, do it before putting your equipment into storage. Get your greasing done so that when spring arrives, you will be ready to plant, mulch, and mow without having to service your equipment.

While you can try to save the gas that's in your equipment by using fuel additives, it is usually cost effective to simply use your equipment until there's no gas left inside. If you don't have the proper winter storage for your equipment, you can always rent a space to protect your valuable equipment.

Protect Your Hand Tools Over the Winter

Get out your WD-40 or some vegetable oil, and wipe down the metal parts of your tools to prevent rust during the winter months. The oil adds a protective coating, keeping your tools safe from corrosion. If you want to be ready for the spring when the busy season hits, clean up all of your hand tools and make sure all blades are sharpened before you hang everything up for the winter. All hand tools should be stored under cover, whether in a storage shed, garage, basement, or barn, to be protected.

As you prepare for winter, the more care you put into your equipment now, the longer it's going to last. Spring is a very busy time, and you want to be able to use your equipment right away. Make sure that everything is cleaned and stored properly to improve the longevity of your tools and machinery.

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